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A rag tag bunch of US marines are sent in to the Pacific Island of Rabaul to clear any remaining Japanese forces after heavy bombing. They meet fierce resistance.

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original title: 36 ore all'inferno

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A rag tag bunch of US marines are sent in to the Pacific Island of Rabaul to clear any remaining Japanese forces after heavy bombing. They meet fierce resistance. Moving war film set during WWII , dealing with a commando is assigned a dangerous mission on an island of Pacific already inhabited by stranded Japanese forces . June 1942 , all territories of Holland and England , from India , Maynar or Burma , Borneo , New Guinea , Salomen islands ..to Philippines have been occupied by the Japanese . November 1945 Australian forces carry out the first offensive . Admiral Theodore S. Wilkinson and his troops invade Bismark archipelago in the South Pacific , taking Tabaul . A island located in North Bougainville between Bismark archipelago and Philippines , there a troop of Marines led by an officer battle Japanese forces . The small American battalion is commanded by daredevil captain Stern (Richard Harrison) who rules over soldiers called Langousta (Carlo Gaddi, usually in baddie roles) , Bronx (Dan Harrison or Bruno Piergentili who starred some pasta Westerns) , Missouri (Goffredo Unger , usual master of arms) , Castle (Vittorio Richelmy) along with a war correspondent (Alain Gerard , the tale is seen through the eyes of this journalist by voice-in-off) , among others (very secondary role by Mario Bianchi , director'son , and future filmmaker of Spaghetti , thrillers and erotic movies) . At the beginning the Marines are successfully in wiping out Japanese led by Major Koshiro (George Wang) . But they are spotted and descended upon by enemies forces . They must go to the other side of the Pacific island , killing Japanenese , suffering exhaustion , risked encounters , swift attacks , quicksands and other elements until they are rescued . The platoon meets a nurse (Pamela Tudor) from Swedish Red Cross whose hubby died two years ago in a medic mission . The group must try to survive enemy that undergo a chase and a mini-war , as they fight all by themselves and finally find how wrong his misconceptions are .

This is a flag-waver wartime movie with a typical crew of Marines battling the 'yellow menace' on a Pacific atoll . The film packs warlike action , thrills , drama , shootouts , and results to be quite entertaining . A cool cast , nice direction , though sometimes mediocre , from Montero with riveting climax and enhanced by energetic score by Franco Salina make this a must for Italian warlike fans . The story is seen through the eyes a war reporter and contains a brief studio character seeking human frailty beneath surface heroism . The picture turns out to be passable and in enough budget for standards of the B-Italian war series . Acceptable Richard Harrison as two-fisted sergeant , in one of his best roles and no thanks to mediocre script . Strong and robust Richard Harrison was a magnificent muscle-man . He was one along with Ed Fury, Brad Harris , Kirk Morris , Reg Park , Mark Forest , among others , whom to seek fortune acting absurdly muscle mythological figures , but anybody topped Steve Reeves and Gordon Scott in popularity . Harrison played in Hollywood some minor roles as 即Kronos 即 and 即South Pacific即 , while shooting another inferior character in 即Master of world (1961)即 produced by American International , he met producer James H. Nicholson's daughter and married her within six months . Frustrated at not being able to secure meatier roles in America , Harrison jumped at the chance when offered the first character in 1961 ,即The Invincible Gladiator即 , which was filming in Europe along with his greatest success 即The seven Spartans即. He wound up settling in Italy for the next two decades. His lead role, of course, immediately typed him as another Herculean type and, to avoid being penned in too much as a muscle man , he sought characters in routine spaghetti westerns as 即Texas the red即 , 即Gringo即, 即Reverendo Colt即 , 即Joe Dakota即 , even the main role from 即For a fistful of dollars即 was offered to Richard Harrison , but he turned down and explaining : Maybe my greatest contribution to cinema was not doing Fistful of Dollars, and recommending Clint Eastwood for the part . He also starred another Wartime film : 即Leopards of Churchill即 and spy intrigue as 即Master stroke即 and 即077 challenge to the killer's即 . Once Italy closed down film production after the muscular craze had died down, he, like others, found himself unemployed. He did manage to scrape up work in Hong Kong , but a large portion of them were bottom-of-the-barrel Ninja movies .

Director Roberto B. Montero's skill with the thrills overcomes the artificiality of the story . Montero directed all kind of genres such as Eurospy : 即Agent Z55 , atomic secret即, 即Mission Hong Kong即 ; Adventure : 即Thaurus , son of Athila即, 即Robin Hood即 ; 即Poliziottesco or Crime thriller : 即Eye of spider即, 即An alibi per Morire即 ; Mondo sexy documentary : 即Sexy Follie即 , 即Africa sexy即, 即A fool's war即, 即Sexy nude即 ,即Mondo Infame即 ; Historical/erotic : 即Lucrecia Borgia即, 即The hot nights of Cal鱈gula即 ; Gialli : "The Slasher ...is the Sex Maniac!" ; Western all'Italiana : 即Oklahoma John即 , 即Durango is coming , pay or die即 , 即Thunder over El Paso即, 即Two sides of the dollar即 ; and Wartime : 即Rangers attack at hour x即, 即Damned platoon即or 即The battle of the damned即 and this "36 Ore all'inferno" also titled "36 Hours in Hell" or "Last Combat" .

Others movies concerning the wartime sub-genre about American soldiers battling Japanese on the Pacific islands during the WWII are the followings : 即Guadalcanal diary即 (43) by Lewis Seiler with Anthony Quinn and Lloyd Nolan ; the classic 即Sands of Iwo Jima即 (1949) by Allan Dawn with John Wayne ; 即Objective Burma即 by Raoul Walsh with Errol Flynn ; 即None but the brave即, directed and starred by Frank Sinatra; and Between heaven and hell (1956) with Robert Wagner , among them. A platoon of American soldiers are sent on a mission to a Pacific Island to eliminate any Japanese resistance ahead of the Allies occupying it as a base for a massive invasion.

36 Hours of Hell is another Euro war movie or more specifically a Macaroni Combat film. It came out in the late 60's heyday of this Italian sub-genre. This is one of the rarer ones which was set in the Pacific theatre of war, as most others took place in Europe or the North African desert, most probably for budget reasons. I've found the films from this genre to be by in large pretty mediocre on the whole, with not a huge amount to make them overly memorable. This one falls into this category too, although it's probably one of the better ones I have seen. It has some decent action scenes, while the narrative told from the perspective of three protagonists - an American captain, a Japanese major and a war journalist